Which sells books? Book Sales or Book Reviews?

It’s practically the first wall you hit after having written a book.  Book Sales and Book Reviews.  Which sells books? Your Book reviews or more Book Sales?

As an aspiring author, I’ve pondered this conundrum many times. I’ve plucked up the courage to finally write my book. You know…the one I’ve had on my bucket list and swore I’d write before I turn fifty?

So I wake up in the middle of the night with a storyline to what I’m certain will be the next bestseller, and make a mad dash to my laptop. Armed with a strong mug of coffee I start thrashing out keys at the speed of light as the words and paragraphs gush out, slowly bringing my debut novel to life.

Having then also conquered the self-publishing beast, my book is live on Amazon and Goodreads and I’ve even gone one step further in creating a paperback through Createspace.

Voilá. I am an Author. A self published Author nonetheless, but now what?

As a new Author, writing your first book, is a personal achievement that brings great joy and you tell yourself that it was just that… for yourself.

But deep down you want your book to sell and get recommended amongst avid readers on online book forums and the likes who can appreciate reading a good book. So you join all the online Indy Author forums and start interacting with readers, fellow authors, reviewers and the likes in the hope that you can create somewhat of a book following with online friends to generate some Book Sales.

A month down the line you have plenty of free book downloads (having entered all the online book giveaways, countdown deals and free book promotions!) but no book sales to speak of and once again, turn to the online book forums for advice.

Only to then learn that, in order to Sell your book, you need Book Reviews. Confused you ponder this statement to kingdom come because, in order to get the Book Reviews in the first place, you need to Sell your book, but to Sell your book, you need Reviews? Say what now? What comes first? The chicken or the egg?

Some new Authors would even suggest paying for Reviews and trust me, there are plenty “Books Reviewers” out there that will offer their services for free if you send them a free copy of your book to review. Months later, with no book review anywhere on any Amazon marketplace site, you go back to the small print on their blogs only to see they do warn that their inboxes are always inundated with requests to review so don’t expect your review anytime soon!

So next time you ask yourself, which sells books, you need to ask yourself at this point. Why are you writing? Do you really need to beg and pay for reviews or would you rather rely on organic book sales and therefore organic honest reviews?  Wouldn’t this be a more truthful reflection of your actual talent?

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