Our South-East Asian Family Adventure

ALEX HUNT Adventures Book 2: Another action-packed Treasure Hunt laced with conspiracy and crime!

With just 10 days to go before ALEX HUNT and The Golden Urn releases on Amazon Worldwide, I thought to share a few of my personal experiences in South-East Asia!

Having recently enjoyed an adventure holiday with my family in fantastic Phuket, I had the advantage of recollecting the sounds and smells of a South-East Asian jungle, the scorching heat, and humidity in the middle of the day and the fascinating culture that greets you on every curb!  So it wasn’t that hard to pour these experiences into the pages of my latest book which is set in neighboring Cambodia, for you to enjoy.

Our family adventures took us deep into the jungle on an elephant safari in the midst of torrential rains.  To adequately describe the exhilarating sensation of feeling a giant elephant’s scruffy skin under my bare feet as it slides through the muddy mountain paths is just about impossible!  At this point, I must mention that I do not support animal cruelty and captivity of these majestic creatures!  Our elephants were roaming the jungle freely and exceptionally well taken care of by a certified veterinary run sanctuary.  Touching their flapping silky ears and feeding them bunches of organic bananas was an experience we will never forget!

With three boys (and a husband that permeates positivity) no adventure is ever complete without some sort of risky water activity so, again, we headed deep into the lush jungles where the locals made the most rural of rafts from a couple bamboo poles held together on both ends by jungle vines!  The mountain river was in full flood with the seasonal rains so balancing on these rafts were quite a skill.  Of course we got wet!  The water was crystal clear as we navigated the raging rapids through the winding jungle river.  Coiling green jungle snakes just missed our heads as they hung from the branches above us.  Scary indeed, but, boy!  What an adrenalin rush?

We visited several shrines and temples allowing us to acquaint ourselves with the Buddhist faith and culture.  As a Christian, watching their discipline and reverence for their god was admirable.  One cannot but have respect for their centuries-old traditions and practice.

Remnants of the December, 26th 2004 Tsunami that left thousands injured and dead was evident throughout our visit, but what struck me the most was how dedicated and humble the people were.  Many have lost loved ones, and yet, they smiled and displayed total contentment in their overly simplified lives.  Happy and satisfied with very little!

Our adventures also included snorkeling in the middle of the Andaman Sea.  I got some solace in learning that the sharks were all vegetarian! (Yeah, right!)  Thankfully, they decided to stay away, and all limbs remained intact.

Now, in the event, some of you are wondering where this is leading.  My visit to Phuket planted the seed for my latest release, ALEX HUNT and The Golden Urn which is available on Pre-Order Now!

Though the culture was very hospitable, there were certain alleys and neighborhoods one would just not dare to venture into.  Day or night!  So this sparked my research into the crime related activities that are rife in most of Asia.  And when I found the news article on the Golden Urn that had been stolen from a mountain shrine in Cambodia, my creative mind ran away with it!  YES! ALEX HUNT and the Golden Urn is based on a true story!

If you’re interested in reading more about this incident, please click here.

Now, if you are curious to find out what exactly our sassy Alex Hunt and her sidekick, Sam Quinn got up to in Cambodia, click on the Pre-Order link below and pick up your copy of my latest book ALEX HUNT and The Golden Urn now!  It is currently in Ebook format but will also be available in Paperback on May, 26th 2018!

What I will say is that Alex kicked some serious butt! I had a lot of fun writing this Adventure Thriller, so I do hope you enjoy it.  For those who have already ordered your copy, THANK YOU!  Your support is much appreciated!

Over the  next 10 days I will be sending some extra tidbits out on the book, so if you’d like to be included in it, please do sign up to my VIP Reader’s list below!

See you between my pages!












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