Alex Hunt and the Chase for Rhapta – Is Rhapta Real?

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Is Rhapta Real?

Many of you have emailed me wanting to know if Rhapta really existed? The short answer is YES!

My latest book Alex Hunt and the Chase for Rhapta is based on the legend of a real metropolis that mysteriously vanished under the sea and recently, in 2016, a diver by the name of Alan Sutton discovered ruins he believes to be the lost city of Rhapta.

He has written a fantastic blog on his discovery and included some exceptional photographs and even a video for you to watch and learn more.

To read all about it you can go here

For those who have read my book, thank you!  I do hope you will now see it in a different light.

As I am only eight months into my newfound writing career, I humbly ask that you share my book with your friends and on your social media pages.  I have a deep desire to write full time somewhere with a ocean view!

Some inside track exclusively to you my faithful readers…  I am three chapters in on Book 2 in the Alex Hunt Relic Chaser Adventure Series!


Watch this space!

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