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Indie Author and Self-Publishing

It’s official!  My longterm goal to achieve before I hit the half-century mark has a big green tick behind it!  In fact, it has two and a third on the way!

I am an Author.  A Writer.  A Scriber.  Whatever you want to call it.  I wrote a book and published it!  Self-published it.  So now I’m also fondly known as a Self-published Author or the slang… Indie Author.  Now some of the more… shall we call it, established traditional authors out there, somewhat frown upon us Indie Authors with our Indie Publishing.  Apparently, you’re not really an Author unless it was done the traditional way, referring to having had an actual Publisher rip through your hard work with a red pen and copious amounts of personal opinions and ideas causing you to be rejected beyond what your confidence (or any human being’s) should withstand.  Only to then make you write and re-write your manuscript until they’re finally satisfied it will sell.  Of course, should the Author survive this torture, the pressure would be on to produce more such self-esteem challenging works because there’s now a salary paid employee whose sole task it is to blast the market and social media with marketing your book and a Publisher who needs to make his share of the book he so fondly re-wrote.  How can it not sell??

You see, these Authors (not all I should say!) look down upon us Indie Authors.  As if likened to the woman who chose the Caesarian route over enduring twenty hours of painful authentic labor.  (She still birthed right?)  But they haven’t had to learn how to edit their own book cover, conquer the mighty Amazon or figure out social media campaigns and meta tags.    They merely did what they loved doing… write a book, and then proudly sat back while someone else does all these things with their own money.

Now please!  I’m by no means coming down on the traditional Published Author, please don’t get me wrong.  Anyone brave enough to willingly put themselves through the criticism and rejection over and over again certainly deserves an honorary badge or medal in my book.  I certainly am not brave enough for this I humbly confess.  (I did however still celebrate when my first book ever was written went live on Amazon!)

I’m merely expressing how tough it really is to be an Indie Author.  Something no google or Wikipedia ever mentioned when I googled “What is an Indie Author”  So let me put it out there to enlighten those other Authors like me.  (By the way, Wikipedia’s definition of an Author is in fact “ An author is narrowly defined as the originator of any written work and can thus also be described as a writer. “ … just saying!)

To write a book for the first time is challenging but to figure out and execute Self-publishing pushes you beyond that same confidence thrashing measures as you are now up against the criticism and personal options of the almighty Reviews!

So next time you doubt yourself based off of the lack of Reviews or Sales you might or might not have, DONT!  Just keep writing….


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