The Caiaphas Code - Alex Hunt Series - Book 6


Alex Hunt Archaeological Adventure Thriller – Book 6

A murder leads to the discovery of an ancient religious artifact and present-day terror. To solve the case means death!

When a determined assault on two students leaves one of them dead and the other missing near Jerusalem’s famous Old City, the hunt for the killer hints on something far more sinister behind the slaying.

When the clues point to it being linked to a religious artifact of an ancient coded keepsake dating back to 36 AD, they call renowned artifact recovery specialists Alex and Sam in to help.

But they soon realize a powerful enemy behind the carefully planned plot will have them fight to decipher the code first.

Follow the infamous team between the ancient structures in and around Jerusalem, and then to Crete as the clues unravel themselves and they make a remarkable discovery so vital to history that it shakes the very core of Biblical prophecy.

Inspired by true historical facts and events.

Murder mystery meets riveting archaeological adventure thriller you won’t want to put down until it’s finished! Book #6 in the Alex Hunt Archaeological Adventure Thriller Series.

*Includes Bonus content and a free digital copy of the series prequel.

Suitable as a standalone novel. Best enjoyed in sequence.