ALEX HUNT and The Golden Urn – A Relic Chaser Adventure





ALEX HUNT and The Golden Urn

An Alex Hunt Adventure – Book #2


This Archaeological Thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat!

ALEX HUNT and SAM QUINN are back for another Action-packed Archaeological Adventure!  This time, in the Cambodian jungle!

After their return from The Lost City of Rhapta (Alex Hunt Adventures Book 1), Professor Charles Hunt retired and handed the reins to his daughter, Alex.

So, when the sacred Golden Urn believed to have contained Buddha’s remains, mysteriously disappeared from a mountain shrine in Cambodia, the Cambodian government hired the highly acclaimed pair for their assistance in finding the holy ancient relic and returning it to its rightful position in the Royal temple in Phnom Penh.

Alex and Sam were on the next plane to Cambodia in their quest to find the sacred Golden Urn.  But what they encountered was far more than what they expected. 

Finding The Golden Urn was supposed to be easy.  Nothing the skilled Alex Hunt and Sam Quinn haven’t done before.  But little did they know they would become the center of an international conspiracy.  A conspiracy, so entangled in a web of secrets and crime that it could cost them their lives.

Faced with danger and underground syndicates, they soon realized they couldn’t trust anyone.  Nothing was as it seemed. 

Would their pursuit for The Golden Urn lead to someone’s demise, or would it lead to the discovery of a relic no one even knew existed?   

Alex Hunt and The Golden Urn is another epic tale of riddle solving relic hunting and Book #2 in the Alex Hunt Adventure Series. 

This fast-paced Mystery Adventure thriller will without doubt delight Scott Mariani, Ernest Dempsey and Clive Cussler fans!


Based on a true story

Some 2500 years ago, Buddha’s remains were gathered in several golden urns and shared amongst his followers in 84 000 stupas (holy burials) across the world.  In December 2013, The Golden Urn believed to have contained Buddha’s hair, fingers, and ashes, mysteriously disappeared from a mountain shrine in Cambodia.  The circumstances were extremely suspicious.

  Due to its religious magnitude, the Buddhist monks insisted the Cambodian government launch a manhunt for the perpetrators in the hope of recovering the stolen sacred relic.  Doubts circled about its authenticity, casting suspicion on the Royal family that the real one was still out there somewhere.  More details on this real life historic event inside the book.

A recent family holiday in Phuket, Thailand was the inspiration for this novel.

The book was set in Cambodia.  For more info about this country, please click here

The theft of the Golden Urn was a factual event upon which this novel was based.  To read more about The Golden Urn, click here