I, Urcelia Teixeira am a NY Times Bestselling Thriller Author!

Ok, so it’s a bit of a stretch right now, but this has become my daily affirmation while I strive to get there.  And when I do finally get to the top, you’ll know. But for now, I will introduce myself simply as a loving wife, doting mother and aspiring Indie Thriller Author!

After many years in the corporate and real estate arenas, I popped onto the scene in 2017 and released my first book in the Alex Hunt Archaeological Adventure Thriller series.  Why this genre?  Well, in short, I love mystery and I love action.  My inspiration emanate from pretty much anything mysterious;  vanished civilizations, ancient relics, and lost treasures to UFO’s, conspiracy theories and any bizarre news stories.

As a mother of three sons, I stand little to no chance not to be swept up in classics like Indiana Jones, National Treasure and The Mummy.  My busy boys ensure my days are naturally filled with lots of action and adventure!

I read my first book when I was four and never stopped.  Action/Adventure books laced with conspiracy and crime are my favorite, which is what I enjoy writing as well.

My insatiable lust for Adventure regularly propels my family and I to take annual vacations to faraway places all around the world. Besides traveling, I love solving mysteries and hold fast to the idea that Bigfoot is real and Elvis is still alive.

Read about our last adventure to Southeast Asia!


A lifetime in the service industry and my passion for people led to a commitment that I will personally answer emails and social media messages from my readers.

Though nowhere near the top of my craft, my stubborn determination will push for success as I continue to grow and deliver books my readers will love!

Lying ahead are more Alex Hunt Adventure books to complete the series, and hopefully a Murder Mystery Series and a couple of single novels that have been brewing in the back of my mind.


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See you between my pages!