About the Author

I, Urcelia Teixeira am a NY Times Bestselling Author!

Ok, so it’s a bit of a stretch right now, but this has become my daily affirmation while I strive to get there.  And when I do finally get to the top, you’ll know, but for now, I will introduce myself simply as a loving wife, doting mother and an aspiring Self-published Mystery Action/Adventure Fiction Writer.

My inspiration for my novels emanate from my keen interest in all things mysterious. From vanished civilizations, ancient relics, and lost treasures to UFO’s, conspiracy theories and even Ghosts.

As a mother of three sons, I stand little to no chance not to be swept up in classics like Indiana Jones, National Treasure and The Mummy and often binge-watch Netflix mystery series with my husband.

My novels are generally based on true-life historical legends, which I turn upside down into page-turning Action & Adventure Mystery fiction with an Archaeological Thriller flavor sprinkled in.

 Lying ahead are more Alex Hunt Adventure books to complete the series, and hopefully a Murder Mystery Series and a couple of single novels that have been brewing in the back of my mind.

My insatiable lust for Adventure regularly propels my family and I to take annual vacations to faraway places all around the world. Besides traveling, I love solving mysteries and hold fast to the idea that Bigfoot is real and Elvis is still alive.

I strongly dislike boardgames but will choose a game of Cluedo over Monopoly any day and vow I will solve any crime before anyone else.

My passion for people and a lifelong career in corporate sales, lead to a commitment that I will personally answer emails and social media messages from my readers so as to get to know each one individually.

Though nowhere near the top of my craft, my stubborn determination will push for success as I continue to grow and deliver books my readers will love!

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See you between my pages!