Welcome to my Website!  

From my heart flows the desire to write great novels, specifically intended for Mystery Adventure lovers.

My books span the Action & Adventure, Science and Romance categories and often include real-life inspiration that I hope will help you escape the mundane and somehow also touch your soul.

I do not include explicit sexual content, blasphemy, excessive use of bad language (a preference with personal reading) or witchcraft in any of my books. (There’s enough of that out there!)  Instead, it holds a wholesomeness that will leave you happy and inspired.

My writings are continually a work in progress as I strive to become a New York Times Bestselling Author.  Rome wasn’t built in a day!

So, I wish to thank you in advance for visiting my pages and reading my blogs and books.  

Go with me on a personal journey as we discover the excitement of Distant shores filled with Mysteries, Adventures, and Romance through my books!

See you between my pages!